fazia tempo que queria postar uma entrevista em estado bruto. vai essa do trompetista ROB MAZUREK, do CHICAGO UNDERGROUND...

espero que gostem os leitores deste imperiódico esquizofrênico...

1) how long have in been living in brazil? sometimes
you play in manaus?

I have been living in Brazil for almost 4 years now.
2 years in Brasilia and 2 years in manaus. I have not
played a concert in Manaus, but I busy myself with
practicing, working on compositions, collecting
sounds from the atmosphere, such as storm systems and
electric eels, painting and video work.

how is manaus for music? is there a chance for a MANAUS UNDERGROUND???

There could be. depends if I find some like minded
souls. As of now, I am just happy to be in my home
when I am here, since I travel all the time and spend
less than half the year here. The music in Manaus is
mostly a dance music called forro which is cool. I am
looking for more experimental attitudes towards sound.

2) What are you painting now? What SOUND you're

I have been working with video. Shooting color scenes
and transfiguring on my computer. I am very
influenced by Stan Brakhage and his ideas of the
un-nameable. I have been thinking about light quite
abit. An exhibition of my paintings and installation
work just closed in Chicago, and I am conceptualizing
the next series of paintings I will do. I am also
working on a box set of sound/paintings/text etc...
that will bring together my experiences at the Abbaye
Royale de Fontevraud, where I created a multi media
piece based on the atmosphere of the place. Putting
the final touches on my latest cd from the group
"Exploding Star Orchesstra". A 14 piece large
ensemble. This record will come out on Thrill Jaockey
Records in February 2007. I am getting ready to do
the Chicago Underground Trio DVD for Delmark Records.
And a tour with Sao Paulo Underground in Chicago and
Canada in September.

3) Been here in brasil and on the amazon INFLUENCE
in any aspect the music
you make? How?

Well the sounds of the Amazon are amazing. Being able
to work with the electric eels and other natural sound
has been inspiring. Just being in Sao Paulo is
inspiring. Playing with Mauricio Takara , Gulherme
Granado and Richard Ribiero has been exciting. This
is the working SP Underground group. Brazil is such a
rich country in sound. So many different musics and
rythms. A strong experimental scene in Sao Paulo,
which is always nice. Some great groups like
Hurtmold, Objecto Amarelo, Cidade Instigado etc...I
want to tour the country so I can really get into the
diverseness of the place.

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